Welcome to Free State Politics!

by: Isaac Smith

Mon Mar 05, 2007 at 11:30:31 AM EST

Free State Politics is a community-oriented website dedicated to covering news and political events affecting the state of Maryland from a left-of-center perspective. We have several front-page posters from around the state who write about national politics, state politics, local politics, and the connections between them. In addition, users who sign up can post comments, write diaries, and rate and recommend other comments and diaries.

FSP was founded in March 2005 on Blogger by a progressive activist who goes by the name OnBackground. It served as a place for several Maryland bloggers to post original content or cross-post from their own blogs. In 2007, thanks to a generous grant from BlogPAC, FSP was able to move the site over to the community blogging platform Soapblox. Currently, the site is run by Isaac Smith, who is studying toward a Master's degree in public policy at the University of Maryland.

While the orientation of the site is progressive, we welcome guests of all political views, as long as they engage in respectful dialogue. We thank you for visiting the site, and invite you to join the continuing conversation here.

Any tips, complaints, suggestions, etc., should be sent to contact at freestatepolitics dot us.

Logo photo "Maryland State House" originally uploaded to Flickr by srossi.

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